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Wellness & spa inflation is in full swing. More and more family enterprises and groups in destinations in Europe and overseas invest in the wellness and spa service sector. Depending on the hardware and/or software quality, the result can be a varying and unmanageable service offer and an increasing downward trend in prices. The many certification attempts also provide no clarity for the consumer and offer the hotels little opportunity for the acquisition of a clear profile, and respectively, real competitive advantages. The core markets are flooded with various providers, and the massive competition is already driving a price decline.

What is the declared target of "premium spa resorts"?

The most prominent international spa resorts form an internationally active marketing cooperation under the quality trademark "premium spa resorts".


  • Leader position communication
  • Brand development and management
  • High quality level consolidation and upgrading
  • Enforcement and consolidation of an above-average price level
  • Targeted image advertising and sales activities in the current core markets like germany, suisse, austria, benelux, united kingdom, france, italy
  • Marketing activities at new foreign markets like the eastern european countries e.g. poland, russia, ukraine, czech rep, romania, bulgaria..

What are the participation criteria for premium spas ?

The basic prerequisite for participation is the enterprise’s leading position within the community and/or region, as well as the following general criteria:

  • Categorisation: 4 stars plus, respectively, 5 stars. Enterprises that have not achieved a 5-star categorisation must essentially fulfil the requirements for this level of quality.
  • Size: about 70 room units. More than 75% of the rooms must be of about 35m² or more.
  • Prices: the cheapest one-day price, including half-board or indulgence pension, must be minimum € 140.
  • Above-average cuisine and variety of wines.
  • Above-average service quality; the ratio of the number of rooms to staff must be an average of 1:1.
  • An attractive garden complex with an outdoor swimming pool or bathing pond appropriate to the size of the hotel, and at least one garden lounge chair per room (skiing locations excepted)

And the Wellness / Spa criterias ?

  • Minimum of 2000 m2 Wellness & Spa
  • Spa reception occupied throughout the day and offering an appropriate quality consultation
  • Sauna landscape with at least three saunas/steam baths
  • At least one treatment cabin (massage/beauty) per 18 beds
  • At least three different wellness baths
  • At least two separate rest and relaxation rooms with a minimum of three beds and one recliner (location-related exception – bathing destination)
  • Fitness room with modernest equipment and exercise space, supervised programmes by trained staff
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools

What are the extent of services of premium spa for hotels ?

  • A a premium spa hotel member enterprise is contractually assured of the following services each year.
  • Certification and rights to the use of the “Member of the Premium Spa Resorts” trademark.
  • Presentation on the mutual www.premiumsparesorts.com international Internet platform in German, English and on demand other foreign languages;
  • Presentation in the annual Premium Spa Print Catalogue
  • Presentation at www.facebook.com/PremiumSpaResorts (+11.000 international fans!)
  • Presentation in the Premium Spa Newsletter
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