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The Pakfeifer GmbH, operator of www.premiumsparesorts.com accepts no liability for any legal disputes, damages, claims for compensation, or any other claims which are made by listed or integrated partners, in particular their published external data (images, information on hotel descriptions, services or similar) and translated into 11 languages.

The hotels and resorts confirm that they have the necessary image rights required to publish them in the www.premiumsparesorts.com Wellness Platform. The Pakfeifer GmbH assumes no liability for infringement of image rights, which have been provided by any partners (hotels & resorts, marketinpartner). Upon expiration of image rights, the partner has to inform the portal operator immediately to organize a timely removal of images.
In particular, the Pakfeifer GmbH assumes no liability for the infringement of image rights, which have been made available by portal users.

All information on www.premiumsparesorts.com has been provided by partners. The Pakfeifer GmbH tries as far as possible that all data correspond to the correctness, however, is not able to guarantee for the correctness.

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