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The most beautiful outdoor wellness facilities

Fresh water, relaxing treatments, healthy cuisine - all this stimulates vital relaxation processes in man. Another key factor that Europe's best luxury wellness hotels embrace through the constant expansion of high-quality outdoor facilities is sunlight. more

The most beautiful saunas in Europe

With the sweatbox from the tension cage. It is a natural cycle: tension - relaxation. What man controls even when winking, is lost more and more for the soul. more

Heartfelt Mother's Day

The award-winning 4-star superior hotel in a young, elegant design offers not only eight different themed saunas and the famous mound event sauna but also the most exclusive wellness home - an extraordinary experience with an aqua garden on three levels.  more

Purest water

Sweating, sleeping, going to the toilet, even exhaling, the human body consumes water. 70% to 80% of beings like us are made of nature's vitally important substance. more

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