The most beautiful saunas in Europe

Sweating against tension.

It is a natural cycle: tension - relaxation. What man controls even when winking, is lost more and more for the soul. Chronic uninterrupted stress is proven to be highly hazardous to health and has a negative impact on neurological areas and the heart muscle.
Anyone who is constantly under power affects the immune system and even increases the risk of future diseases such as Alzheimer's.
Defective vision, migraine and herniated discs, which were attributed to fake office furniture or screens for decades, are, according to the latest medical findings, a consequence of chronic stress. There is no desire for tension.
A short break in a wellness hotel restores the natural cycle and has been proven to reduce heart rate and stress hormone levels in a particularly short time. During recovery, the body lowers the tone, drives the pulse into a healthier area and recharges energy that was lost in the hectic everyday life.
The best saunas in Europe's luxury wellness hotels are real miracles of effectiveness. A stay in the sauna increases the body temperature by up to three degrees and thus stimulates the metabolism and the regeneration of all organs. Toxins are flushed out of the skin pores in record time and the immune system is revived. The heat in the sauna also has a pain-relieving effect on the chronically strained muscles. A recovery phase from head to toe.
The best saunas in 2019 are premiumsparesort certified and a guarantee for your body health.

In these hotels you will find the most beautiful saunas in Europe

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